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ComXpert Retail Product Solution for Jewelry (ComXjewelry)

ComXjewelry is an easy to use windows based client server software. It offers a comprehensive jewelry solution in accounting and manufacturing process needs of jewelers.

ComXjewelry consists of 17 modules, eight of which are specific to the manufacturing process: Style Setup, Contractor, Gold/Casting, Diamond/Stone Inventory, Style/Casting Inventory, Production, Return & Repair, Imaging & Catalog. The rest are specific to the accounting practices: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Cash Manager, Sales Order and Invoicing, Purchase Order and Invoicing, Sales Person, Contact Manager, System Manager.

ComXjewelry is generic and can be set up to suit specific business needs rather than forcing a change of existing business practice.

ComXjewelry is a complete enterprise management solution for a Jeweler. It is exhaustive yet flexible, thereby giving the freedom to setup transactions, forms and reports as per business process needs.

  • Comprehensive functionality
    • Fully integrated complete suite of financial, distribution, production, purchasing, sales order, memo, return, and repair modules.
    • All modules work together to streamline business processes, maximize efficiency and ensure accurate and complete decision-driving information.
  • Financial
    • Financial modules integrated with the Jewelry manufacturing modules.
    • Online updating avoids any posting. No need to run any posting option.
    • Very simple and easy to operate interface.
  • Order Processing
    • Can handle different type of order such as for Memo, for Invoice, Sample, Salesman.
    • Integrated with the Production system.
    • Can be easily converted into Memo or Invoice.
  • Memo Processing
    • Can generate different types of memos.
    • Can be easily converted into Invoice.
    • Memo tracking, memo aging, memo status report to give full control on Memo system.
  • Bar Code
    • Workbag is bar-coded to enable easy entry at every production stage.
    • Style tag with barcode.
    • Inventory can be handled easily with barcode.
  • Production
    • Production module integrated with sales order system.
    • Production requests can be converted into workbag or overseas purchase orders.
    • Workbag tracking at every stage.
    • Customized workbag with barcode, image and component details are printed.
    • WIP tracking can be done by customer, style, ship date, etc.
  • Workbag
    • Customized workbag can be separated for diamond and casting.
    • Workbag with image and barcode.
  • Security
    • System Manager provides adequate security for the user.
    • Module level and object level access available to each other.
    • Each window access to user can be limited to add / view / edit / delete or no access.
    • Report access permission can be defined.
  • Inventory
    • The memo inventory is tracked separately then the in-hand stock.
    • Valuation can be on the fixed price or on the weighted average basis.
    • Physical inventory system handles entry and adjustment of the physical stock.
  • Style
    • Detail of Style definition with bill of material.
    • Diamond, casting and labor setup.



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